Donating Hearing Aids UK

Donate Hearing aids - to recycle
Donate Hearing aids – to recycle

Donating hearing aids UK can make such an enormous impact. 

Hearing Aid Provision in the UK:

UK hearing aids are dispensed by our wonderful NHS and private (often very expensive) providers. Every person in the England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland who thinks they may have hearing loss can see their GP and expect to be referred for a hearing test (audiogram). The test will take place at a hearing centre, hospital or one of various chains of providers. There is a 6-8 week wait for an appointment with the NHS. If a hearing impairment is established, you’ll be provided with hearing aids.

Who needs and wears hearing aids?

Only 1/3rd of people who need hearing aids currently wear them. Most people from aged 50 upwards will have a level of hearing loss. A link between uncorrected hearing loss and the development of dementia has now been firmly established. Making checking our hearing as we age a huge priority. Many people will have several sets of hearing aids dispensed to them over their lifetime. Although this wonderful system exists for the distribution of hearing aids, there is currently no system in place in the UK to repurpose these devices from one wearer to another.

What happens to no longer needed hearing aids?

Nearly all no longer needed hearing aids end up in landfill. Commonly when a person dies, the family end up putting the hearing aids in the bin. Or try to return them to the dispenser who will then dispose of them to landfill or recycling to components. Hearing Aid Recycling are aiming to recover as many UK hearing aids as possible. In order to extend the product life through repurposing and redistribution at home and abroad. To benefit both people and the planet. Donating hearing aids UK is such an important thing to do.

How to donate any no longer needed hearing aids?

Donating hearing aids UK for hearing aid recycling, is so simple, at one of Hearing Aid Recycling’s nearly 1100 collection centres or by posting them directly to us. The Hearing Aid Recycling network includes branches of local funeral directors, locations of which can be found on the interactive map or county alphabetical list below. Including many independent funeral directors as well as Dignity and Funeral Partners, Care Homes such as Colten Care and a range of GP’s (Greener Practice).

What will happen to the donated aids?

Hearing Aid Recyling will repurpose and redistribute, where financially and physically possible, all donated hearing aids so they can help others. Gifting hearing to the hundreds of millions of deaf around the world who don’t have access to an NHS equivalent. Many (not all) UK hearing aids can be refurbished and reprogrammed for a next user. All of this makes donating hearing aids UK such a worthwhile and important thing to be doing.

How and where for donating hearing aids UK?

Help us make sure hearing aids continue to transform lives at home and abroad by donating them. We’d be so grateful if you can either drop them at a local collection centre – find your nearest on the map button at the bottom of the page.  Or post them directly to us.  The address is in our Post them to us’ tab. 

Click the ‘post box’ image below for the address to send them to us or the ‘map’ image to find the nearest place to drop them off:

Thank you so much, in advance,

Hearing Aid Reycling x