Hearing Aid Recycling Collection centres – (A-Z List)

We think our interactive map of Hearing Aid Recycling collection centres is a really great tool. Very easy to navigate. We are so grateful to all the forward facing businesses who have agreed to act as collection centres for us. Such as the independent chain of Funeral Directors A W Lymm, Ian Hazell Funerals and R Locke and son . More centres, the better because it will be easier for everyone to donate their old hearing aids. The more hearing aids, the more people whose lives we can transform through access to better hearing! For this reason we welcome absolutely every possible public facing enterprise. To help us gather as many hearing aids as possible.

Donating hearing aids – made simple (Hearing Aid Recycling collection centres)!

We would like to make it as easy as possible for everyone. To find the absolutely most convenient place to drop any no longer needed hearing aids. For this reason we have also compiled a list of Hearing Aid Recycling collection centres . Organised alphabetically by county . We are updating the list all the time, as we add in extra locations. So, if you can’t see a very local, to you, centre today, you may be able to tomorrow!

Post them to us?

We will keep on adding locations as quickly as possible to make donating yours or your loved ones hearing aids as easy as possible. Further more, if we haven’t yet got a collection centre in your area yet, we’d love you to post them direct to us. The address can be found here.

We can help you donate your hearing aids too!

Every hearing aid counts because each and every one has the potential to change a life!! If it isn’t possible for you to drop them off or post them in please contact us at info@hearingaidrecycling.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

HT Hearing aid recycling collection centres