Make a hearing aid green (sustainability & circularity)

Many companies are committing to Science Based Targets, in respect of their emissions.  Towards maintaining no greater than 2 degrees global warming.  Setting clear commitments towards net zero operating practices.  Placing high importance on Sustainability and ESG aims.  Increasing circular economy within their industries.  Driving growth and adding long term value.

Hearing Aid Recycling would like to partner with hearing and healthcare businesses as an extension of these efforts.  To help support them and maximise benefit around the world.


Hearing Aid Recycling’s 100% Solution

for scope 3 emissions (from product sales and manufacturing) for the hearing industry.


  • Partnering with manufacturers, healthcare agencies, departments, HCPC audiologists in an information, for retailers and consumers, campaign. In order to recover as many devices as possible.
  • c.2000 Regional registered collection centres to retrieve no longer needed hearing aids.
  • National PR campaign.
  • Exploring a more carbon friendly way of utilising stock overruns and returned trial aids as an extension of reusing components (extending their lives as ‘not new’ aids).
  • Establishing a distribution agreement between manufacturers along an ‘outlet’ model of trading


  • Dispensers to collect at POS, following information from manufacturers and return to Hearing Aid Recycling previous devices as replacement and upgraded devices are dispensed.


  • To include in device information (booklets & apps) the need to return the devices as and when they are no longer needed either direct to Hearing Aid Recycling or via collection hubs, retailers or manufacturers.

Hearing Aid Recycling will give each device a ‘next best use’, extending its product life; through:

  • Refurbishment
  • Redistribution
  • Responsible recycling as required

REPORTING: Aiding ‘Extended Product Responsibility’ requirements

Hearing Aid Recycling will:

  • Collect, collate & record all devices.
  • Gathering data on make, manufacturer, model & dispenser for inclusion in ESG & Sustainability reporting.
  • Giving a clearer indication of the real position in moves towards net zero.

Hearing Aid Recycling are committed to:

  • Zero landfill
  • Aiding circularity within the hearing industry
  • Working to transform lives, through better hearing, around the world