Hearing Aid Recycling – what you think!

Hearing Aid Recycling – what you think!

We are so proud of the work we are doing with our Hearing Aid Recycling. We’re also always so pleased to hear what you think. We’re so grateful to all of our collections centres. Too many to list here obviously. However, we’re so thankful for all of our ‘first’s’. Our first independent Funeral Directors – Ian Hazell Funerals. First Funerals Group – Dignity Funerals, first GP Practice – Sibford Surgery, first Pharmacy – Middleton Cheney Pharmacy and our first Care Homes – Colten Care.  It is really easy to find a collection centre to donate your hearing aids for hearing aid recycling. 

Donate a hearing aid? Here’s How!

We have an interactive map. Which if you input your postcode will find the nearest few for you on the map (super easy to zoom in) or in a list below it.  We also have our A-Z list of centres that are arranged by County.  Just type in the first letter of your County. The behind scene technicals will whizz you to all the Counties starting with that letter.  You can then select your county. Scroll through until you, hopefully, find somewhere convenient for you!

We’re also always so appreciative when people post them to us.  You can find all the info here!

What do you think?

As we’ve mentioned, we are proud of what we have achieved so far.  However, we’re so passionate about hearing aid recycling. We really do appreciate each and every hearing aid that we receive.  We understand the effort it takes to donate each and every one – thank you.  We’re always happy to hear from anyone who would like to donate a hearing aid but can’t drop them off or post them in.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0300 102 1565 or info@hearingaidrecycling.co.uk and we’ll do whatever we can to help you.  We also love to hear from anyone who has suggestions about how we can make it even easier to donate hearing aids for hearing aid recycling.  Again, on the phone or email above.


We REALLY love to hear how you feel about our efforts to transform lives through access to better hearing from our hearing aid recycling and redistribution programme.   Thank you for taking the time to let us know.  We don’t need much encouragement although as with each donated hearing aid, every little helps! Here’s a few of your thoughts.

Having been deaf for many years I had accumulated a small collection of my previously used NHS and private hearing aids. They’d been sitting in the back of a drawer for a long time. I was amazed and thrilled to find out that it would be possible for them to be cleaned up and sent to help children in Africa and Eastern Europe. I couldn’t find all the old boxes so I either boxed them or just wrapped them in a few layers of kitchen roll and put them in the post. It made me very happy to be able to do something worthwhile with them. Thank you Hearing Aid Recycling.

Anonymous | February 2022

Hi Zoe, Thank you for your email, I am an individual and got to hear of your organisation from a family friend, I had been making enquiries to where I could donate these hearing aids which are virtually new, which came from a good friend and neighbour who has passed away.

I did try returning them to Specsavers but said they could not accept them? So was very pleased to have had your contact details, and an organisation to make good use of them.

Best Wishes, BP, Surrey.

BP, Surrey | May 2023

‘This is a phenomenal idea!  Bravo!!!’

Lisa Hagar Straight-Talking PR Director & Linkedin’s favourite Queen of HR | May 2023

‘Great idea!  Just shared with our Care Home Team,  who I am sure will take it forward’

Raina Summerson – Group CEO at Agincare | May 2023

‘What a great intitiative’

Samuel Barrington, Founder CIA Group | May 2023

‘In amongst all the sadness of losing our father it gave us a small measure of comfort to donate his hearing aids.  To know that they will go on to help others hear better.  Thank you Hearing Aid Recycling.’

Mr R Legbar, Kingsbridge | May 2023
Dear Zoe,
Thank you so very much for your lovely caring email. The hearing aids are in the post so should be with you soon. My father lost most of his hearing due to working making, installing and working with turbines. He spent 20 years in a noisy turbine hall and I don’t think he realised his hearing was going. The realisation came when he couldn’t hear one of his granddaughters. These hearing aids were fantastic and like so many people’s experiences was frightened by a sound on the first experience. His was hearing the crunching of leaves after leaving the hearing centre and then on returning home heard his youngest granddaughter. A very touching moment. I have attached a picture of my lovely dad who was so kind and generous and I know will be pleased I have let someone else have the pleasures he had.
I do hope somebody will be able to benefit as well as my father did with these, he was able to hear his granddaughter talking to him.
Tamsin C | September 2023

Dear Zoe,


Please find enclosed my late Mother’s hearing aids.

My Mum would be pleased to know that she could help others with her passing.

Teresa L | October 2023

Dear Zoe,


please find enclosed a set of hearing aids which belonged to my father-in law.  He hardly touched them and they have been sitting in a box on my desk for a year and a bit and we decided to find an organisation to donate them to, to give someone else the chance to make use of them.


I spoke to Natalya at Help in Hearing and she suggested that i send them to you.


I hope that you find them a good home.

Richard D | September 2023
Hi Zoe,
I took a large package of my late husband’s hearing aid equipment to Hopkins Bray Funeral Directors, 22 Station Road, Urmston, M41 8NU.  The gentleman there said he would send it to another of their branches.
The packet included hearing aids, hearing equipment for the television, charger, batteries and the little rubber sleeves.
I think it’s a fantastic thing you do.  So satisfying knowing that these will be valued and re-used, and not discarded.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
M B | November 2023

Dear Friends,


Sadly my Mum recently died.  She wore hearing aids for many years and found them invaluable in that time.

When I researched online and found your webpage and details.  I felt so relieved that they could be of use and therefor enclose them.

One pair are older NHS hearing aids but hope they can still be of use.

With best wishes and thanks,



C W | February 2024

Greetings to you all at Hearing Aid Recycling.  I’m so delighted to have discovered your charity.

Enclosed is an assortment of Phonak equipment redundant to me, but which I hope can help someone else.

If you have a leaflet of any sort advertising what you do, and the rquipment you accept, I will try and spread the word among fellow hearing aid users.

Thank you for the valuable work you are doing to help others.

With kind regards,


V G | February 2024

Hi Folks

I was so pleased to discover your website as it seems such a waste to throw away hearing aids and or their accessories.  Please find enclosed a charger and a few packets of unused batteries.

Wishing you all the best with your admirable work.



D B | May 2024

Enclosed please find two pairs of hearing aids which were dispensed for my late father.

I hope that you are able to reuse or recycle these.


With kind regards,

yours faithfully,


P N J | May '24

Hope you are able to make use of these bits and pieces.

Thank you for giving them the chance of a second home,


P L | May '24

I bought these hearing aids a while ago and have tried them on a few occasions but found them uncomfortable for my ears.  I’m going to try some others instead that I hope will suit me better.

I do hope you can find them a good home,




M T | May '24

Please fond enclosed Mum’s last 2 pairs of hearing aids.  We hope that a couple of people will benefit from their donation.

Please let us know when youu receive them,



S E | May '24

Dear Sir or Madam,

I enclose hearing aids (3) as one of a pair became damaged for recycling.  These belonged to my late mother, J.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs B

Mrs J C B | May '24


I hope that these are useful.  I’m so glad that I found you and will be spreading the word.

I’ve included cases in case they are useful too.  It must be nice to receive something that looks new.

Thank you for taking these,

with all good wishes,

Gaynor W

Gaynor W | May '24

Please accept these hearing aids for recycling.  The grey one was only purchased on Monday.  I spoke to you on Friday, thank you for your help,

Kind regards,


A C P | May '24

My elderly Mum (96) recently died.  I hope you can make use of Mum’s hearing aids – she hardly wore them.

The batteries may be useless!

Thank you for your efforts,


P T | June '24

As per our email converesation on 20/6/24 please find enclosed 10x packs of 6 unused hearing aid batteries, size 312.

I hope these will be of use to others.

L K | June 24

I’ve enclosed 2 sets of hearing aids which I hope someone will be able to use.  Both were my Mum’s.

C G | June 24

Please find enclosed hearing aids donated to us by our families/local people.

Thank you for enabling these to be reused.

Kind regards,


J H | June '24

I hope that you can make use of these,


D K | June '24

These were my Dad’s, purchased in May 2019,

I hope they may be of some use,

many thanks

Anon | June '24

Sent on someone else’s behalf.

Hope you can make good use,

kind regards

S H | June '24

I hope that these will be of use to your recycling project,

kind regards

K M | June '24


we just spoke on the phone and I promised to send Dad’s hearing aids to you.

It still upsets me to look at it so I’m glad it is in the box.

Please let me know when it arrives safely.

I do hope someone can use this and thanks for your help,

Many thanks

S B | June '24

I hope you can repurpose the enclose hearing aids.  My Mum passed away recently and I didn’t want to throw them away.

After a bit of googling I came across you and the great work that Zoe and all of you do.  It’s inspiring.

I think myMum would be delighted to know her hearing aids might be able to help someone else.

Kind regards

C M | June '24

As discussed by email.  Hearing aids and accessories of my late husband.

I hope they can be of use to someone, as I know my husband found them a great help,

kind regards,

D L W | June '24

Thank you for providing a service for recycling my old hearing aid.  Hopefully it will help somebody,

best wishes,

J S | June '24

My wife, who has sadly passed away, wqas supplied with the enclosed Stakrey hearing aids in September 2020.  I’ve also enclosed some NHS aids that she had earlier.

I hope you can make use of them,

kind regards,

D W | June '24

An exchange between TK nad Hearing Aid Recycling (HAR)

TK:  ‘Dad would be so happy to help someone else.’

HAR:  ‘Hi T,  Just to let you now the hearing aids arrived safely.  Thank you!  We will make sure they help someone else.  My daughter opened them.  She was touched by your note and sentiment on behalf of your Dad.

Thank you, it probably helps make sense of why the kitchen is always full of hearing aids!

Thank you for sending them and very kindest regards,


TK:   ‘Aw that’s amazing, thank you for letting me know, you’re doing something amazing, I didn’t have the heart to throw them.  Thank you’

TK | July '24

Dear Zoe,


thank you very much for your email.  Please find enclosed the hearing aids which I mentioned in my email.  I hope they are in good condition and that you can find a good home for them.


With best regards,


AW | July '24