Donate Hearing Aids for Recycling with Help in Hearing.

Donate Hearing Aids via Help in Hearing

Donate Hearing Aids for Recycling with Help in Hearing. We’re so thrilled that the Help in Hearing group of clinics in and around Farnham Common, Marlow and Henley on Thames have joined our Hearing Aid Recycling initiative. 

Check your ear health at Help in Hearing
Donate your hearing aids and check your ear health at Help in Hearing.

Always look after ……. your ears and hearing!

Help in Hearing have many ear health professionals working across their three centres.  They offer expert care to look after your ear health and hearing care needs.  Their state of the art equipment and friendly staff provide a first class service whilst making you feel completely at ease.  From advanced hearing tests and expert advice on the best course of treatment to ear wax removal.  Their trained professionals offer micro-suction wax removal.  The safest and most effective way to remove a build-up of excess wax.  If you’d like to arrange a confidential hearing health check-up please fill in the form here.

The Good, the bad and the ugly, actually – when it comes to donating hearing aids – they’re all good!!

Donated hearing aids of all shapes and sizes
Donated hearing aids of all shapes and sizes

Donate Hearing Aids for Recycling with Help in Hearing.  When it comes to donating hearing aids for recycling then, there’s only good!!  Here at Hearing Aid Recycling we welcome all, every and any hearing aids.  By far the most common hearing aids dispensed in the UK are Behind the Ear (BTE) devices.  The majority of these can very simply be reprogrammed for a next wearer.  We have a zero landfill policy.  Where possible we will repurpose your donated hearing aids as a hearing aid to another person.  Otherwise we will use any bits for spares to repair other devices.  Worst case we will recycle them via Waste Experts.  You can read their policies on the link.  They will make sure that each aid is broken down into it’s components and responsibly recycled to re-enter the manufacturing chain.

Why donate hearing aids?

Hearing test for child
Hearing test for child for donated hearing aids.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates there are over 278 million people around the world with moderate to profound hearing loss across their two ears.  This number far outstrips the entire global production of hearing aids.  Meaning huge numbers of people around the world have no access to hearing aids.  In the UK we tend to throw devices away after a first wearer.  Normally these hearing aids are still in really good working order.  Or, if not, can easily and often very inexpensively be made serviceable.  In many cases families can’t even afford a hearing test for their children let alone attempt to provide hearing aids for them.

Who will benefit the most from Donated Hearing Aids?

Donated hearing aids helping children learn to speak
Donated hearing aids helping children learn to speak.

Hearing loss can be so debilitating to people at all stages of life.  Creating social isolation and increasing the risk of dementia in the elderly as well as causing developmental delays in communication skills and learning in the young.  A child born deaf never learns to speak.  However, it is incredibly humbling to see and watch how quickly, given a hearing aid, a young elastic brain manages to adapt and learn.  Every donated hearing aid really could transform a whole lifetime.  Changing beyond comprehension a young person’s life experience.  Enabling them to learn, communicate and engage with the world around them.  Offering a raft of life potential and opportunities, opening doors which would have remained forever closed to them otherwise.

Loose lips (don’t in this case) sink ships!

If this is the first time you have come across Hearing Aid Recycling, please bear us in mind when and if the time comes to consider pastures new for your or a loved ones’ hearing aids. Please help us spread the word far and wide, tell as many people as you can all about us! Help us to get as many hearing aids as we can donated so that they can go on to help others. Encourage everyone and anyone to donate them, please. 

How and where to donate your hearing aids:

It is so simple, either by posting them directly to us, or dropping them to one of our many Collection Centres.  Really, it is so exciting how much opportunity we have to make positive change in lives around the world. We are adding Collection Centres all the time.  Such as the Help in Hearing practice at Farnham Common. You can find you nearest one with our interactive map, or by looking them up on the A-Z List.  We also add our newest collection centres to our blog here.  Or, again, please, next time you’re at Help in Hearing keeping your amazing ears in tip top condition remember to take any no longer needed hearing aids with you. So that you can donate them to Hearing Aid Recycling. Any of the incredible hearing health professionals will be delighted to help you.


As always, thank you so much. We’re really looking forward to ‘hearing’ from you or receiving any hearing aids you can donate via Help in Hearing.