Three cheers and no ‘big ears’ for Mark Mitchell!

Helping design hearing aid recycling

Mark Mitchell’s amazing films!

THANK YOU!!! to Mark Mitchell from Studio Mitchell the bestest animation studio in the West, Devon and probably the world!

Mark Mitchell's amazing films!

We found this cheeky little fella on his website. He’s always a ‘winner’ to us!

Mark, Managing Director, at Studio Mitchell has made us two amazing films this week. A full 1.5 minute version which can be seen on our home page and a short, snappy with fewer frills version for broadcast. Both films totally ace detailing and explaining our mission to recover, repurpose and redistribute hearing aids. As many hearing aids as possible! So, please, if you or anyone you know has a drawer, pot or bowl full of no longer needed hearing aids please donate them to us by any of the following 3 ways:

Post them to us?

Drop them off?

Message us and we’ll try to help!

We’re crossing our ears, toes and fingers that the 30 second film will be shown on the big screens tomorrow evening at British Summertime , Pink in Hyde Park. If you’re going, please look out for Mark Mitchell’s amazing films! and if possible we’d love you to send us a pic, of you there! Have fun and looking forward to ‘hearing’ from you.