Woohoo for our first Pharmacy Hearing Aid Recycling collection centre!

Hearing aid donation poster

First ‘in pharmacy’ hearing aid recycling point in Middleton Cheney.

We’re soooooo pleased to have signed up our first pharmacy acting as a collection centre for Hearing Aid Recycling. We’re super hopeful that pharmacies may be a really good addition to our amazing network of collection centres. Meaning we’ll be able to stop even more hearing aids from going to landfill. It’s such an obvious connection. For people to be able to drop any hearing aids in the bag with medicines to be returned. Apparently some people already do confirming our view that pharmacies are going to be a great addition. The pharmacist commented: “there’s often a hearing aid in the bag with the medicines when people return them. Generally 1 or 2 a month”.

There’s around 11,500 pharmacies in the UK. If all of them are receiving 1-2 sets of hearing aids a month. Throwing them away for lack of information. That’s a LOT of potential life transforming hearing aids we could do fantastic things with!! If you own/run or regularly use a pharmacy and would like to help us, please do get in touch at info@hearingaidrecycling.co.uk.

Already a family favourite……


Thank you to all of the team at Middleton Cheney Pharmacy.  You can find them on the previous link, our interactive map or the A-Z Collection Centre Directory.  The team at Middleton Cheney Pharmacy are so brilliant.  They always go above and beyond to help in any way they can. 

Co-founder Zoe’s eldest daughter, Coco, has CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia).  Middleton Cheney was the only pharmacy in Oxfordshire to source a new form of long acting hydrocortisone for Coco.  The pharmacy manager collects it personally from a sister branch in Gloucester and brings it next day.  Doing away with the necessity of a dose of steroids each morning at 3am.  Just one of many lives they are benefitting and transforming through their kindness and commitment to their patients.  Now, as part of  the growing collection of Hearing Aid Recycling Hearing Aid Donation locations they’ll be enabling the transformation of many, many more!


Hearing Aid Recycling posters for all to see!

The pharmacy have displayed the poster in the front window and also at the till therefor EVERYONE will be able to see it!  Fingers crossed they’ll be collecting lots of donated hearing aids soon.



All of us at Hearing Aid Recycling LOVE Coco as much as we LOVE recycling hearing aids.  She’ll be 16 in August 2023 and refuses to have her photo taken anymore.  So, here’s some of her as a baby instead!