Alex Jovy – Advocate and supporter of Hearing Aid Recycling.

Hearing Aid Recycling Advocate

Hearing Aid Recycling advocate and supporter – Alex Jovy. Thank you Alex Jovy for your friendship, kindness and support for our Hearing Aid Recycling initiative.

It’s difficult to know whether to start at the beginning with Alex or with his support for Hearing Aid Recycling.  Let’s make it all about (and start with) us! 

We feel so lucky to have such wonderful, talented, creative, multifaceted supporters.  Not least Alex.  Alex’s shared love of the environment and concern for the future of the our planet has meant that our mission to recover, repurpose and reuse hearing aids has really caught his extraordinary imagination (more on that later!).  It has also led him to create a wonderful Memorial Park in Berkshire. 

Hearing Aid Recycling

You can find out more about it here!

He hopes it will be the first of many.  Its purpose being not only to offer people a place of calm and beauty as a lasting memorial to loved ones. To also act as place to visit over the years and sit in quiet remembrance.  The trees planted bolstering those planted through his endeavours to help us assess and off-set our carbon footprints as part of a quest towards ‘net zero’.

With this aim Alex, also, launched the my tree app in 2020.  Its mission is to ‘let you compensate for your lifestyle emissions called a carbon offset’.  You can find it on both app store and Google play.

Donate Hearing Aids

As well as the memorial park and carbon banking app, talking about Alex feels a bit like a game of super talented charades.  Is it a film?  Yep!

Hearing Aid Recycling Ambassador

Sorted.  Directed by Alex, released in 2000.

Is it a book?  Yes again, this time a choice of a few. 

Hearing Aid Recycling Advocate helping others.

The most recent being The Girl with a Griffin Bracelet.  It’s available to buy here.  Not only is it a fantastic read but Alex (Hearing Aid Recycling advocate and supporter – Alex Jovy) has pledged to plant a tree in the memorial park for every copy sold.

We’re not quite sure how he has found the time for all the aforementioned let alone his ‘day’ job as an Immigration Law Expert and most of all being an incredible father to daughter Coco and their Golden Retriever Daisy.

Supporter and advocate of hearing aid recycling.

Any excuse for a shameless picture of a puppy!

Thank you Alex, again, for your support for our mission.  We’re looking forward to contributing to more trees over the years as both of our endeavours to try and ‘do more’ good rather than ‘less harm’ continue through the years to come. If you think you can help us in our endeavour to recycle more hearing aids please get in touch with us at Maybe you would also like to be one of our ambassadors and help us spread the word? If so, please find out how here.