‘Proper’ thanks to Mark Ward of Proper Productions!!

Hearing Aid Recycling - Ambassador - Mark Ward

Hearing Aid Recycling are so grateful to Mark Ward and his incredible Event Production Company – Proper Productions!

The Early Years!

Hearing aid Donation - Princes Trust
Party in the Park 1998-2004

Having spent over a decade working in the Music Industry, Co-Founder Zoe first worked with Mark and Proper over 25 years ago at amongst other things Party in the Park (1998-2004) and the first few formative years of the Isle of Wight Festival.  Party in the Park featured 30 acts each year for a crowd of 100,000 people in London’s Hyde Park.  Raising money for The Prince’s Trust.  Acts such as David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, R.E.M. and Iggy Pop appeared across the two events.  One of Zoe’s favourite memories from those days was standing on the roof of the Will Shapland Mobiles Outside Broadcast truck looking out over the audience.  Feeling the extraordinary energy of a huge crowd dancing, as one, to live music.


Hearing Aid Recycling - Touring
Some Proper Productions recent tours!

More recently Mark and the team at Proper Productions have worked with acts such as Fat Boy Slim, Coldplay, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and Roger Waters.

“It’s a no brainer!”

Donate Hearing aids - to recycle
Donate Hearing aids – to recycle

Hearing Aid Recycling is nearing its first birthday, having been formed in late August 2022.  Mark has, from the outset, been so kind and supportive.  The main reason for forming HT was in order to transform lives around the world with access to better hearing.  That people can lead as normal, integrated, accessible, connected lives as possible.  We never underestimate the power of sound.  Whether it is music, speech, birdsong, rain on a tin roof or a child laughing in the evening sun.  As part of a conversation about Hearing Aid Recycling and all things Hearing Aid Donation, Repurposing and Redistribution it was Mark’s response of “it is a no brainer” that was one of the affirming moments on our journey so far.  Thank you, it was hugely encouraging, supportive and motivating.

Barclaycard British Summertime (BST)

Hearing Aid Recycling - BST
Hearing Aid Recycling – BST

It was also thanks to ‘the two Marks’ as they are affectionately known at Hearing Aid Recycling Towers that the film on our home page was made.  Mark Ward for putting us forward to AEG to be allowed to show a short film on the ‘BIG’ screens at Barclaycard’s British Summertime (BST) Concerts and Mark Mitchell (another Supporting Partner – Studio Mitchell) for…. lots!.  Mark Mitchell actually made the film, in record time, so we could meet the deadline for inclusion.  In fact Mark Mitchell made two.  The one on the homepage and then this shorter 28 second version to hit the 30 second curfew!  Thank you again to both of you!  BST featured Pink, Take That, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Ray and Black Pink.  With sold out audiences of 65,000 at each.  Nearly half a million people will have had the opportunity to see it – Thank you!!

Proper Productions and their Charity Works:

Mark and his team don’t only support us and our Hearing Aid Recycling.  In fact, it really  isn’t possible to talk about Mark Ward and Proper Productions without talking about the amazing support they give to other organisations and movements.  Most prominently Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Music Support, Let the Music Play and We Make Events.

Medicins Sans Frontieres:

Hearing Aids as Charity - Ed Sheeran
MSF – Ed Sheeran Mathematics Tour

Mark has long been a supporter and key member of the Medicins Sans Frontieres (Dr’s without borders) Team.  Taking a year out to work on the frontline with them and now acting as one of their Directors.  For many years Mark has married two important elements of his life together.  His passion for, and ability to, put on a great show and his desire to help the causes he feels strongly about.  Most perfectly illustrated by the collaboration between MSF and Ed Sheeran.  Initially on the last leg of Ed’s Divide Tour and then from the very beginning when it came to The Mathematics Tour.

“In 2019 conversations with Ed Sheeran’s touring team began, and MSF were invited to come on the road for the last leg of his Divide tour. And when his worldwide production extravaganza the Mathematics Tour began to come together, they were naturally part of the equation.

Working closely with the designers and fabricators, Proper helped to create a touring presence that was closely tied to the show aesthetics, making it clear to Ed’s fans that MSF were there as an integral part of the tour.

The Mathematics tour tie-up has rewritten the rule book on how a charity can work with a stadium artist on a genuinely worldwide basis – and the results speak for themselves, having so far raised over £800,000 with many more shows to go, through New Zealand, Australia, North America and beyond.”

Music Support:

Hearing Aid Refurbishment - Music Support
Music Support

As mentioned above Proper are also staunch supporters of the Music Support Charity.  Who in their own words are:

“By the industry for the industry

Our mission is to provide help and support to peers who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction and to promote early intervention through support services, education and workshops. You are not alone.”

We Make Events:

Hearing Aids - red alert
We Make Events – Red Alert

It would probably be possible to talk about Mark and Proper until the cows come home but it’s good to remember that it is also meant to be slightly about ‘us’!  However, we do feel that it is worth also highlighting the amazing work they support as part of the ‘We Make Events’ movement.  The Covid 19 pandemic meant that all live events stopped overnight.  The global impact on the live events industry was catastrophic.  From venues, Riggers, Drivers, Designers, everyone, industrywide was affected.  Many people got involved in supporting fundraising and educating initiatives.  From the Red Alert Day of Action on 11/08/2020 when skies were lit red at 20.00 hours local times to multiple other schemes. 

The Survival Tour for We Make Events:

Hearing Aid Redistribution - cycle trip

Not least the 1500km cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats that Mark, his colleaugues Harry Ford and Tyler Cole-Holmes and two other industry stalwarts Steve Reynolds and Mike Trasmundi from LoudSound did.  Visiting more than 100 iconic live entertainment venues as part of their travails.  You can read more about it here!

The cows are home…..

The cows are well and truly home now!!  So just time for one last massive THANK YOU to Mark for his immortal 5 words (“it is a no brainer”) and all of his kindness and support of Hearing Aid Donation and Recycling.