Thank you Studio Mitchell

Helping design hearing aid recycling

Donating Hearing Aids supported by Studio Mitchell. Thank you Studio Mitchell – Probably the best animation studio in the West!  We’re so grateful to Mark for his support for Hearing Aid Recycling.  His patience and kindness, enthusiasm and creativity in helping us with all things, but mostly spreading the word about our initiative is so HUGELY appreciated.

Donating Hearing Aids. Hearing Aid Recycling impressario - Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell – MD at Studio Mitchell

There’s no probably about it.  Mark at Studio Mitchell is the best animator in Devon and possibly the world! 

We thought we’d tell you a bit more about Mark and Studio Mitchell using some of his brilliant visualisations.  Mark and his trusty loyal sidekick Chester the Cockapoo can often be found wandering, near the studio, amongst the beauty of the Jurassic Coast.  That and Marks’s illustration of strawberries and cream made us think of ‘cream tea’.

Donating Hearing Aids - cream tea

Mark first cut his design teeth in London working in production on pop videos in the 80’s.  When phones looked like this.  When if you were out, you were out and no one could get hold of you until you decided to be back!?  He’s been working freelance for the past 30 years.   His impressive and varied client list ranges from Carlsberg (hence only probably being the best!), RSPB, FIFA, Harris Paint Brushes, Durex, and Bayer Agricultural Division.

Hearing Aid Donation - phones

We’ve included his snail creation because we love it! There’s nothing snail’s pace about him.  His ability to meet ridiculously short deadlines is AMAZING.  You can see his animated short on our homepage. Which he created in record time for AEG to show on the big screens at Hyde Park during Barclaycard British Summertime.

Hearing Aid Redistribution - snails

What’s not to love about Tonka Toys?  Another great design by Studio Mitchell.  We think it evokes the spirit of Studio Mitchell perfectly.  Fast, funny, boundlessly talented and (nearly) never furious!

Hearing Aid Refurbishment - Tonka Toys

Donating Hearing Aids supported by Studio Mitchell:

If you’d like to get involved as an ambassador like Mark please see how here or by donating a hearing aid, here‘s a simple way. Thank you Mark at Studio Mitchell for your continued support for Hearing Aid Donation, Repurposing, and Redistributing.  To your continued efforts to help us spread the message far and wide.  Helping us to transform lives around the world with access to better hearing.

You’re always a…..

Donating Hearing Aids - winner trophy

to us!!!