Who’s new supporting Hearing Aid Recycling?

Who's new supporting Hearing Aid Recycling?

Is it a super power RNLI Coxswain? Yes! Is it an incredible artist? Yep! Is it Hearing Aid Recycling Supporting Mark Taylor? Yessiree! Yep!! Yes!!!

Who’s new supporting Hearing Aid Recycling?

Thank you Mark Taylor, we have soooooo many good things to say about you. We’ll fill in more of the blanks here, sooonest. In the meantime, why not look him up. Below you can find a link to his wonderful paintings:


or here is a little bit more about him here too. The full article is in the link below. Here’s a little snippet to give you a little more information about this amazing man:

Mark The Artist:

“Mark trained in fine art and was course leader at Tyne Metropolitan College also acting as manager at Newcastle College. 11 years ago he became a full-time, professional artist. Continuing his father’s legacy. Dallas Keith Taylor was an artist and had shops in Eldon Square and the Metrocentre. He also saved 65 lives at sea as a lifeboatman. ‘I’d always been around art,’ says Mark. ‘When my father became ill and had a large waiting list for his work, I was able to fulfil his commissions and found myself being able to paint like him. I decided I would continue after he passed away. I became an artist full time.’

Mark The Swashbuckling, Life Saving Coxswain:

Working as a coxswain with Tynemouth RNLI Lifeboat crew, the North East coast inspires much of Mark’s artwork. He was awarded a medal for bravery for his part in saving the lives of a father and son found clinging to the base of a rock at South Shields. ‘I live on a boat and I have my studio above the Low Lights Tavern. So the fishing industry heavily inspires me. Working for the RNLI, I understand how dangerous the sea is. Fishermen and -women go out and bring back catch for their livelihoods. It’s an honour to be able to go out when they need my help. My paintings are inspired by the sea, the fishing industry, harbour life and local people. If I’m not out on my boat taking pictures of the scenery, I’m in the studio painting.’”


 Who’s new supporting Hearing Aid Recycling? We’re so grateful to our supporting partners and everyone who donates their and their loved ones hearing aids.  It’s such a simple thing to do.  We have a network of collection centres which are listed both on an interactive map or alphabetically by counties.  We’re so grateful to kind souls like Mark and all of our collection centres.  Hopefully there’ll be one locally to you.  We’re also happy if you want to post them directly to us, or if neither of those is possible please do contact us, all the info is here and we’ll see how we can help you.